Health and Social Care Area

The passing of the Dependency Act (2006) (a law promoting personal independence and the protection of dependent individuals), in addition to forming one of the pillars of our social care system, opened a new legal space lying between Health, Social Security and Social Services Legislation.

The interconnecting of these regulatory areas is not always free from difficulties, particularly due to the fact that regulating for dependency protection is still in its infancy, thus there are numerous aspects that require regulatory development. Indeed, sometimes the Act seems to be markedly provisional in character.

On the other hand, the coming together and coordination of State Government and Regional Government jurisdictions demands special care, because, in spite of the novelty of these regulations, their heterogeneity and changes make them difficult to apply by those responsible for their management, both in the public and private sectors. Neither are those at whom the benefits and services are aimed entirely free from difficulties. Receipt of the benefit is subject to the successful completion of an application process for the individual right to health and social care of dependent persons and their families in order for it to become a reality.

The De Lorenzo Abogados law firm specialises in the legal framework and the stability of agreements between the government and private entities, labour relations and the work conditions of professional carers, collective labour negotiation, liability situations and the cover for same, as well as the protection of personal data of patients/dependents, a service that we offer our clients so that they can count on experts of acknowledged prestige in the sector.